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Bucegi Mountains Trips

Bucegi Mountains Trips – many experiences in one day

Why is Bucegi mountains trips a good choice for you? It’s a good idea to join if you’re a nature lover. Also, if you’re passionate about hiking and travelling, we suggest you give it a try. The Bucegi Mountains mark the border between the East and South Carpathians. It has lots of peaks and valleys. Some may argue that it is rather difficult to establish which of the great valleys is the most magnificent of all. The rock formations are grandious and the views are simply spectacular. Bucegi mountains trips are also a great choice if you’re visiting Romania and would like to see the nature side of it. The trips we offer are suitable for people who have hiked before and are used to effort. Most trails that we do would are of medium difficulty. You also need to make sure you are appropriately equipped. You should also have a bit of experience on how to approach various terrain types.

Is Bucegi Mountains Trips suitable for children as well?

Bucegi Mountains TripsThere is no right answer for this question. From our experience, kids are welcome if they have hiked before. They need to be used to walk and hike for appropriately 6 hours (generally between 5 and 7). You should also make sure to bring some food with you and plenty of water. We will stop at one point to eat and rest. There are no dangerous cliffs to climb. The paths are usually wide, however the Bucegi Mountains Trips are not for people who are the first time on the mountain.

What will I see?

We will spend a full day outside in this unpolluted and untouched area of Romania. You’ll visit the Devil’s Mill Waterfall and the Monument built in the memory of an Israeli Crew. Their aircraft crashed in the area. Even today, many travelers and hikers visit the place and see the remains. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll spot some friendly animals along the way, too. As there are some local farms around, you might see sheep, donkeys and even cows. Bucegi Mountains Trips is a pack of tailored trips which you can take and detach yourself completely. Forget about the daily stress and the daily routine. Come and spend some time in this Natural Park, which some people even call ”a little piece of heaven”.

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